As an advocate for equity and inclusion in academia, I recognize the systemic barriers that hinder equal opportunities for all, particularly for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. These barriers often manifest as limited access to crucial information and resources such as science materials, grant applications, and admission procedures.

Inspired by my mentor, Rosie Aboody, I am dedicated to promoting open science practices. I've curated a resource repository, drawing from my own journey, to assist others facing similar challenges. By actively advocating for open science and sharing knowledge and resources, I aim to contribute to a more equitable academic environment, ensuring that all individuals can realize their full potential. Additionally, I'm delighted to share an introduction to R, a programming language, generously created by my former mentor, Aaron Baker. This comprehensive resource is an incredibly valuable aid to anyone interested in R's intricacies.

Portfolio / Projects

Talking Tots: The ABCs of Linguistic Development - Research Proposal Paper for Research Methods Class - 2023

Developed a 30-page research proposal paper concerning the role of infants' social interaction in their linguistic development. 

MNIST Neural Network Classifier - 2023

Designed and implemented a three-layer neural network utilizing Python programming to classify the MNIST database, achieving an accuracy rate of approximately 85% on Kaggle.

NASA L'SPACE Academy Mission Concept Proposal Preliminary Design Review (PDR) - 2022

During the spring semester of 2022, in my freshman year, I was chosen, along with ten fellow undergraduate students, to represent the Midwest in the NASA L'SPACE Academy. As a team, we collaborated to formulate a 130-page lunar mission proposal PDR aimed at assessing the feasibility of sustaining life on the lunar surface. We also presented our results to a NASA advisory committee and received exceptional feedback.