I'm currently a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I'm pursuing a B.S. in Economics and Psychology. I'm also working towards a Certificate in Leadership. I intend on graduating a year early in the Spring of 2024. My journey in academia has always been a quest to explore life's "big questions". During my freshman year at the University of Alabama, on a full-ride scholarship, I initially thought math and physics were the language to interact with these mysteries. I even delved into physics research. However, along the way, I had a revelation - the "biggest question" of our time revolves around understanding our own thoughts and behaviors. With this insight, I promptly shifted my focus from modeling particles to modeling people.

When I transferred to UW-Madison during my sophomore year, I found there wasn't a dedicated behavioral science science major. Nevertheless, I fell in love with psychology and economics as mediums to gain insights into interpreting behavioral processes and the rationale underlying them.

Looking forward, I have a deep interest in pursuing a Ph.D. in a behavioral science field, which you can read more about in the "Interests" section.

Currently, I'm fortunate to be part of two incredible research teams. I'm collaborating with the Bonawitz CoCoDev Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education under the guidance of Rosie Aboody. Additionally, I'm contributing to research efforts at Hawkin's Social Interaction Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, mentored by Claire Bergey.

Check Out Some Of My Recent Features!

This article highlights my 2023 summer internship (the work I talk about was actually about my summer work at the Yale SCD lab under Yarrow Dunham, not the CoCoDev lab) and the scholarship from UW-Madison which made it all possible. 

In the Spring of 2023, I received a scholarship to study in Washington D.C. for a month on Capitol Hill. While there I did an instagram takeover and here are my highlights!

"Badgers on Bascom" is a news organization designed to highlight "exceptional Letters & Science" students from UW-Madison. In this talk I give a short interview and talk about what I'm up to :)

And My Work: