Research Assistant at the Bonawitz Cognitive and Computational Development Lab
01/23 - Present

I am currently collaborating with Cecilia Wang, another research assistant from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), and Rosie Aboody, a HGSE postdoctoral researcher, on a large-scale exploration of children's social cognition development, utilizing MIT's open-source platform, "Lookit." My role encompasses diverse responsibilities, such as programming, experimental design, data analysis, and data visualization. Additionally, I've had the opportunity to present our research findings. Our primary focus revolves around the study of Theory of Mind, probing the intricate facets of children's understanding of others' thoughts and emotions.

Research Assistant at the Social Interaction Lab
09/23 - Present

I am also currently engaged in a collaborative effort with Dr. Bergey and Dr. Hawkins, delving into the analysis of the CHILDES corpus. Our research centers on the development and implementation of a model designed to expand linguistic analysis to emerging data from various dyadic corpora. Our primary focus involves semantic analysis of child-adult conversations, and we utilize the programming language R as a central tool in our investigation. This work enables us to gain valuable insights into the intricacies of language development in young children during interactions with adults.